Kerry Just Doesn’t Get It

But Robert Ariail’s latest does: The nuisance remark is still haunting Kerry despite the hear-no-evil policy of his staunchest partisan supporters. Rudy still hasn’t forgotten the remark either: “We don’t want to go back to the days when Senator Kerry described terrorism as only a nuisance. When they attacked my city for the first time, […]


Here’s Megan McArdle on being instapundited: A tidbit for bloggers out there: if you’ve ever had the experience of being “instapundited”, you’ll know that your traffic (and your bandwith bills!) go through the roof whenever Glenn links to you. I’ve just had the odd experience of instapunditing myself in my first post here, which feels […]

Kerry Lied

‘But at least no one died!,’ cries the blindfolded choir, echoing their favorite rhyme in their zeal to take the White House, part of their litany of deception and scare tactics. But yes, Kerry Lied: Newspaper Investigation Uncovers Truth: Kerry Never Had Meeting With Security Council As He Has Described Numerous Times. ?U.N. ambassadors from […]

Speaking of irony….

The following image appears on a T-shirt offered for sale by a noted commentator on fascism, David Neiwert. (Image here.) I should hasten to add that T-shirts displaying the above (which may be ordered here) are described as “all for fun,” which may mean that their designer is in fact engaged in satire. It must […]

Too many Jews (and other historical ironies…..)

I just read a horribly anti-Semitic article published last week in Duke University’s Chronicle. It is well known that Jews constitute the most privileged ?minority? group in this country. Among the top 10 universities, Jews enjoy shocking overrepresentation: Only the California Institute of Technology has an undergraduate Jewish population below 10 percent, and four schools […]

Is Free Trade a Pyramid Scheme?

Yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer featured a horrifying story about the attempt by Wal-Mart to despoil Mexico’s ancient architectural heritage: SAN JUAN TEOTIHUACAN, Mexico – A Wal-Mart store rising near the 2,000-year-old pyramids of the Teotihuacan Empire has ignited the wrath of Mexican conservationists and nationalists who say the U.S. retailer is destroying their culture at the […]

A terrorist by any other name is probably in a Reuters story

You all may want to take out your copies of the Reuters’s Manual of Style Over Substance and mark this in the margin at ? 4.1.3 terrorists, ‘insurgents,’ or ‘rebels’? It appears that now ‘execution’ is to be softened or, in post-modernist fashion, treated ironically by inverted commas (note my adherence in this very sentence?I […]

Little pig squeaks back!

David Neiwert has replied to my earlier post — InstaPocalyptic One-Party State? — which was linked yesterday by Glenn Reynolds. I now feel obliged to reply. My obvious satire was derided as “a classical case of conservative buffoonery,” and I now stand accused of “erecting a straw man and then playing with it for about […]

Happy Birthday and Happy Blogiversary Jeff!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that my blogfather Jeff Soyer is celebrating two important occasions right now: the second anniversary of Alphecca, as well as his FIFTIETH birthday. Please be sure to pay a visit, and leave Jeff some birthday blogiversary kisses! And here’s Jeff’s cake! (To trigger the party, click on […]

No one was really hurt! Besides, it’s funny!

I don’t know whether this is a hate crime, but it certainly qualifies as an assault: TUCSON, Ariz. – Two men ran onstage and threw custard pies at conservative columnist Ann Coulter as she was giving a speech at the University of Arizona, hitting her in the shoulder, police said. University police arrested the men […]

Organizational bloggledygook?

While I have never paid much attention to the Log Cabin Republicans, I am intrigued by the stories (denied here) that the organization’s leadership has been taken over by Democratic political operatives. It has to be considered a bit odd that an ostensibly Republican organization would refuse to support an incumbent Republican president in wartime, […]

Storm before the clouds?

Nick Packwood (the esteemed Ghost of a flea) offers obviously heartfelt words of wisdom for the left as well as for President Bush: So here is my plea to the American left: please, for the love of everything we hold dear, choose the course that takes us to those sunlit uplands Winston Churchill spoke of […]

Experience counts!

No posting this afternoon! (This is hurriedly posted on the road.) If everyone’s lucky, maybe Dennis or Justin will have something to say. (Is that a hint?) Meanwhile, I see that Bill Clinton now wants to be Secretary General of the scandal-plagued UN: “He definitely wants to do it,” the Clinton insider said this week. […]

Alternate reality may be closer than you think!

This really ought to be an update to my previous post, “License to Kill?“, but that’s way down at the bottom of this page, and I’ve learned that updates to old posts tend to be ignored in the order they’re written. Anyway, Glenn Reynolds weighs in on the scenario that the war might escalate (for […]

Stop fascism! Abolish secret voting!

A woman named Sara Rich is helping Michael Moore in his “slacker” campaign. In a question-and-answer period, Eugene family therapist Sara Rich told Moore that her daughter, Suzanne, is a military police officer in Iraq who has managed to share a bootleg copy of “Fahrenheit 9/11” with her entire platoon. “Thank you and your daughter […]

Move over, Amerikan Dream!

Eurofascism? Can such things be? (From L’Ombre de l’Olivier, via Stephen Green.) Here’s what happened: The European Court has quietly brushed aside 50 years of international case law in a landmark judgment on press freedom, ruling that Brussels does not have to comply with European human rights codes. In a judgment with profound implications for […]

No bounce?

It may be none of my business, but I think Kerry’s looking a bit fatigued here. (Via Drudge.)

Consumption is evil! Limits are good!

I hate people telling me how to run my life, and this piece by Thomas Sowell is a perfect illustration of the problem: One of the latest examples is a recent ruling by one of the many busybody commissions in California that people who build houses, or just remodel their homes, will in the future […]

Carnival #109

The Carnival of the Vanities is hosted this week by Jack Cluth’s People’s Republic of Seabrook. He’s a leftish (and recently hairless) blogger, and I must say that I admire his gracious handling of the rightish posts. It’s a good-natured, er, catfight, but what I want to know is how the rabbit got into the […]

Well, sports fans …

The Boston Red Sox have done something no other team has done: they’ve come back from a three game deficit to tie the series and force a game seven. I guess you all finally downloaded the Mahow Mahow video. Now, there may be some concern over the interference call against Alex Rodriguez in the 8th […]