As so many are puzzled over why explosives missing in Iraq since April of 2003 would be big news right now, I thought I’d hazard a guess.
Because there’s most likely going to be a big explosion, not here, but in Iraq.

BAGHDAD ? Leaders and supporters of the anti-U.S. insurgency say their attacks in recent weeks have a clear objective: The greater the violence, the greater the chances that President Bush will be defeated on Tuesday and the Americans will go home.
“If the U.S. Army suffered numerous humiliating losses, [Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John] Kerry would emerge as the superman of the American people,” said Mohammad Amin Bashar, a leader of the Muslim Scholars Association, a hard-line clerical group that vocally supports the resistance.

While that article is talking about the offensive generally, I think there might be something more specific coming — maybe this weekend.
Something big. Something for an American audience. Something maybe like this?
There may be leaked intel, or they may just be hoping…..
I’m just speculating, and I hope I’m wrong, naturally.
(Others hope I’m right, naturally.)