Here’s a problem that cries out for deeply serious consideration.

…. As with cosmetic surgery, Botox, and breast implants, the enhancement technologies of the future will likely be used in slavish adherence to certain socially defined and merely fashionable notions of ?excellence? or improvement, very likely shallow, almost certainly conformist.

This special kind of restriction of freedom?let?s call it the problem of conformity or homogenization?is in fact quite serious. We are right to worry that the self-selected non-therapeutic uses of the new powers, especially where they become widespread, will be put in the service of the most common human desires, moving us toward still greater homogenization of human society…
Leon Kass ” Toward A More Natural Science”

Then again, maybe not.
If Dr. Kass would crawl out of his academic terrarium and take up a more demanding hobby than BIRDWATCHING, for the love of God, he might discover that people strive for uniqueness as often as conformity. There has NEVER been a time or place as conducive to eccentric tinkering as the contemporary West.
Extreme Sports, Martial Arts, Creative Anachronism, Civil War Reenactment, Ballista Building, Viking Longship Construction, even, dare I say it, Amateur Typesetting…all these delights and more await the eager novice. I have a feeling that a truly advanced plastic surgery might engender a like diversity.
I could be wrong, of course.
Hey Leon, take a walk on the wild side.