Via Wizbang I just learned about this act of savagery. For details see my earlier post. (Or just scroll down.)
This one is really disgusting and made me ill to watch. Be careful.
UPDATE: Once again, please be careful about watching, but here is the link to the video. Dr. Rusty Shackleford also thinks that this is particularly gruesome. Here’s what he said in an update, which also provides additional links:

UPDATE: NEIN is hosting the video. It can be downloaded here, but this is one of the most awful things I have ever seen. While Zarqawis goons read a statement you can see Eugene Armstrong muttering something over and over. A prayer perhaps? The fact that the victim is an American makes me sick and angry. I was angered by all the other videos, but I have not felt like this since Paul Johnson.

It’s the worst I have seen.
Americans need to remember what we are fighting. It’s nothing less than a war between civilization and barbarism. I won’t mince words here: I believe those who defend the torturers of Americans are the enemy, plain and simple.
MORE: Here’s Bat Ye’or, author of Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide:

The war against a global jihadist terrorism can be won only if the civilized world is united against barbarity. Until now European democracies supported Arafat, the initiator of jihadist terrorism, hostage-taking and Islamikazes. The war will be won if we name it, if we face it, if we recognize that it obeys specific rules of Islamic war that are not ours; and if democracies and Muslim modernists stop justifying these acts against other countries. The policy of collusion and support for terrorists in order to gain self-protection is a delusion.