That last remark (by Dennis) about “puffery” reminded me of a few pictures taken over the weekend.
Especially this first one; a candid shot of live puffballs in action.
It’s tough to take an action macro shot of these mushrooms releasing their spores, as someone has to manually stimulate them! Fortunately, a helper was found, the ‘shrooms were pushed, and the spores became airborne.
Now that’s what I call an invasion of puffery!
Not too far from the puffballs, I found this frog sitting next to a pond. Surprisingly, he allowed me to photograph him at close range. (Perhaps he realized how photogenic he was.)
Couldn’t get him to do any puffing, though.
Last of all, no puffed up discussion of puffery is complete without an actual photo of my dog, Puff (named in part for his puppyhood habit of puffing up his throat like a frog when he “talked.”)
Here’s Puff — huffing and puffing in yesterday’s stifling heat.
He’s standing next to a tasteless scoop….