I’m in upstate New York for the weekend, and it turned out the people I’m staying with have a computer with a DSL connection. So I thought I’d sneak in a quickie post, so Dennis doesn’t have to go it alone on a Saturday night. (Dennis is already proving himself to be one heck of a good blogger if I may say so; good man, good brain, who now has a good Internet connection!)
Anyway, a group I have discussed before — Critical Mass (plenty of good links there, folks!) — is busy hassling not Republicans, but ordinary New Yorkers who are trying to go about their lives:

Manhattan was spin city last night as 5,000 activists on bicycles swarmed city streets and snarled traffic during a protest of the upcoming Republican National Convention. At least 264 riders were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct for blocking intersections near Madison Square Garden and in the East Village, police said.
The arrests marked the first real confrontation between cops and the thousands of protesters who have descended on New York ahead of the convention, which starts Monday.
“The cops said, ‘Get out of here!’ and I was trying to get out and I was cuffed,” complained one busted bicyclist who identified himself as Keith from Brooklyn.
At first, police seemed willing to allow the protesters to have the run of the road as they zigzagged up and down Manhattan from Union Square.
But as the cyclists blocked the intersection of W. 34th St. and Seventh Ave. at the Garden, police began arresting demonstrators.
Many more were collared later at Second Ave. around E. 10th St., near St. Marks Church, which was hosting an after-party for the bicyclists.
“The cops are coming! Move out!” bicyclists screamed to each other as they made their way down Second Ave., hurling their bikes over the church fence in a desperate bid for sanctuary.

Sanctuary? Hey I thought religion was bad!
And such sanctimonious humanitarians these bicyclists are!

“They were blocking intersections all along the way, backing up traffic,” said top NYPD spokesman Paul Browne. “I personally witnessed several ambulances that couldn’t get through. They had their lights and sirens on.”
The ride, organized by an environmental group called Time’s Up and dubbed “Critical Mass,” is held in the city on the last Friday of every month but never near the scale of last night.

Who cares if people can’t get to the hospital and die?
If we can inconvenience just one Republican…..