The GOP’s 12 minute video chronicling Kerry’s flip-flop on the war issue is now available.
One apologist has already tried to soften the blow:

“There’s no question that comments here or there, taken out of context and thrown together, are intended by Republicans to try to simplify or dumb down a crucial issue of war and peace into a simple yes-no question,” said James Rubin, a senior foreign policy adviser to the Kerry campaign.

But that’s not the video they produced. Rather than “comments here or there, taken out of context and thrown together,” we’re treated to extended arguments that change year by year.
My favorite bit is perhaps in 1998 (9:19 into the video) when Kerry proclaims himself at the head of the pack, proudly ahead of the Commander in Chief, in urging the use of force against Saddam Hussein’s impending threat. He even says that we must do “whatever we can to disrupt his regime.” A simple bombing campaign is not enough, he adds, and justifies action for the ramifications it will have on surrounding nations.
Aside from that the video does a good job of showing that Howard Dean was the better candidate, that the Democrats made a mistake.
And honestly, I might’ve voted for Dean. For awhile Kucinich was my guy.