Where’s the aftermath of the close of last night’s Newshour coverage of the Democratic Convention?
There is no link to the transcript, and near as I can tell no one is talking about it.
Mark Shields, in gushing over Barack Obama, called him Tiger Woods, a comparison which is valid if one considers his youth, the excitement he is generating throughout the party, and his meteoric rise to stardom.
But Shields didn’t mention any of that.
Instead he said that Obama is of mixed-race (just like Tiger Woods). He qualified that by saying he can appeal to everyone. Jim Lehrer laughingly added that people once said that about someone else (whose name I missed — let me know if you caught it), to which Shields quipped:
“He was purebred!”
Lehrer, laughing, echoed him.
“He was purebred.”
And then it was good night, America.
I was honestly stunned.