This Kerry Flipper film (linked by Glenn Reynolds and discussed below by Varius) is quite remarkable. The guy’s flip-flopping is even more blatant than I realized.
The website supplying the video also links to this gem of a comment about 9/11 by Michael Moore:

Three thousand Americans were killed. There’s 290 million Americans, all right? The chance of – of any of us dying in a terrorist incident is very, very, very small.

OK, for the sake of argument let’s give Moore the benefit of the doubt here.
9/11 was a mere statistical trifle of little concern to any of us.
So why subject the entire country to an elaborate, highly polarizing piece of propaganda devoted to blaming Bush for it?
The only answer I can come up with is that he really must think Americans are as stupid as he says they are.
Will Kerry disavow Michael Moore?
If he has any sense at all, he will. At least one columnist has speculated that this situation presents an ideal Sister Souljah moment:

A clever Kerry move would be to turn Michael Moore into his Sister Souljah. In his 1992 campaign, Bill Clinton criticized black rapper Sister Souljah for talk about killing white people. Repudiating an extremist who would normally back one’s candidacy was a brilliant tactic. Likewise, Kerry could give Moore a light spanking for his simple-minded sermons on the evils of war.
But he shouldn’t leave any marks on Moore’s rear. The filmmaker does have followers, and their votes will be helpful. The Democrats have little choice but to let the Nader Traitors join their parade ? but preferably in the back, and with bags over their heads.

That Jimmy Carter/Michael Moore photo was bad enough for the Democrats. Middle America remembers….
Kerry has an opportunity here.
If he doesn’t take it, he’ll be sorry.
(Howard Dean missed a similar opportunity.)
MORE: Not surprisingly, Fahrenheit 9/11 is having a devastating effect on the morale of our troops:

Michael Moore’s film, Fahrenheit 9/11, is making the rounds here at U.S. bases in Kuwait. Some soldiers have received it already and are passing is around. The impact is devastating.
Here we are, soldiers of the 1st Armored Division, just days from finally returning home after over a year serving in Iraq, and Moore’s film is shocking and crushing soldiers, making them feel ashamed. Moore has abused the First Amendment and is hurting us worse than the enemy has.
There are the young and impressionable soldiers, like those who joined the Army right out of high school. They aren’t familiar w/ the college-type political debate environment, and they haven’t been schooled in the full range of issues involved. They are vulnerable to being hurt by a vicious film like Moore’s.

(Via Andrew Sullivan.)

Read the rest. And remember that Moore is being hailed as a hero by the Democratic Party.
I didn’t think things would ever get this bad. I always thought of Michael Moore as fringe.
Bush is lucky I am not working for Kerry, because I feel quite strongly that if he slammed Michael Moore — hard — right now, he’d draw some boos at the convention.
And win in November.