Reich ‘n’ Roll!

I’m sure it has to be a coincidence, but get a load of this photo of Bush (appearing to give the Nazi salute) from the front page of today’s Philadelphia Inquirer: Such utter childishness. (I guess they now have a better photo for this kind of stuff…..) Is someone getting even for the bunny suit? […]

Rock the vote boat!

In last night’s speech, John Kerry failed to take my advice that he distance himself from Michael Moore. Perhaps he thinks that Dale Earnhardt’s support of Moore means that Moore’s message plays well in middle America. In any event Kerry seems to be following Moore’s advice. Here’s an excerpt from Moore’s July 26 speech in […]

Don’t Get Kerried Away, Now …

We know that Kerry mispronounced a woman’s name as he misled America last night, but did you catch this? This is where I ended up scratching my head: I … I wish, I wish my parents could share this moment. They went to their rest in the last few years. But their example, their inspiration, […]

Looters with golden parachutes descend on psychiatrists!

Details, details! Last night John Kerry singled out a local Philadelphia woman as an example of how America can do better: BOSTON – In his acceptance speech last night, to flesh out his theme that “America can do better,” John Kerry mentioned a number of people who suffered misfortune in the last few years. One […]

They Really Weren’t Ape…

We here at Classical Values thought Dr. Ehrlich deserved some rebuttal space after the casual dismissiveness of Norman Borlaug. Accordingly, we dispatched Peabody and Sherman to 1974, where they found this treasure. It’s not quite as over the top as I might have liked, but I would urge all readers to click over for the […]

Parody or satire?

By now most people who read blogs will have watched the JibJab political spoof song, which is unfortunately becoming another classic example of copyright laws being used to destroy free speech. The song parodies the famous Woody Guthrie classic — This Land is Your Land” — or, does it satirize it? This may sound like […]

Hijacking The Classics

Deep, deep thoughts on the classics, from the Chairman: Having a limit to the drama is one of the conditions for taking life seriously and trying to make the most of it. Homer, in The Iliad and The Odyssey, showed us the alternatives. He contrasts the mortals with the immortals?Zeus, Apollo and the like?who, if […]

Dems da breaks!

First let me begin by saying that Al Sharpton upstaged John Edwards despite his innumerable innacuracies and anachronisms. Aside from the popular lie about 40 acres and a mule. According to Sharpton, while it is true that Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, there was an unfulfilled commitment to 40 acres and a mule. This is […]

Time to accessorize!

Does anyone remember the mysterious daisy? I did a whole bunch of research at the time, but I was short on conclusions. Finally, the mystery was solved. Of course now, four months later, “Kerry flip flop” is a more popular Google entry than “Kerry daisy”. Can the “Kerry bunny suit” be far behind? Well, I […]

The Real Good Guys

Not that you could easily tell, but I try not to be negative. It just isn’t healthy. So you may wonder why all the negative coverage on Rifkin, Ehrlich, Kass und so weiter? Well, I figure it’s not really negative if it generates wholesome enjoyment. Plus, it’s a public service. But even so, I sometimes […]

Flipper and the whale?

This Kerry Flipper film (linked by Glenn Reynolds and discussed below by Varius) is quite remarkable. The guy’s flip-flopping is even more blatant than I realized. The website supplying the video also links to this gem of a comment about 9/11 by Michael Moore: Three thousand Americans were killed. There’s 290 million Americans, all right? […]

“They call him Flipper…”

The GOP’s 12 minute video chronicling Kerry’s flip-flop on the war issue is now available. One apologist has already tried to soften the blow: “There’s no question that comments here or there, taken out of context and thrown together, are intended by Republicans to try to simplify or dumb down a crucial issue of war […]

PBS: pure-bred simpletons?

Where’s the aftermath of the close of last night’s Newshour coverage of the Democratic Convention? There is no link to the transcript, and near as I can tell no one is talking about it. Mark Shields, in gushing over Barack Obama, called him Tiger Woods, a comparison which is valid if one considers his youth, […]

Fahrenheit 1973?

WAAAAHHHH! I am being misunderstood! A commenter is upset not by something I have done, but by an idea I had recently. When I read that there were going to be more beheading videos, it occurred to me that some of the beheaders might feel, well, inspired by Michael Moore and his antics. After all, […]

What I Wanna See…

This convention is boring! I wanted excitement and I think everyone else does too! So what to do, huh? Huh? Here’s my big idea. What I wanna see is John Kerry fighting Wolfman. Don’t you dare laugh. It’s perfect, see. For many reasons. First John Kerry gets to dress up in tails and an opera […]

A tyrant for our time?

Much as I hate elections, I couldn’t help noticing that poor Domitian hasn’t gotten a single vote in the evil emperor contest over on the right hand side of this blog. This is understandable, and generally speaks well of the knowledge of history of Classical Values readers. For Domitian is probably the weakest candidate for […]

Rodham ‘Dubya’ Heinz

Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Democratic hopeful John Kerry, has some interesting things to say. I’m not referring to “shove it” (which, incidentally, makes her tough and sexy–a woman who knows when to say ‘enough!‘; it’s also shorthand for “shove it up your ass”, the sort of thing Dick Cheney would be roasted for). I’m […]

Drooling is more civilized than frothing

In summarizing the Democratic Convention, Jeff Jarvis delivered one of the the best one liners I have seen: Nothing is going to happen there. It’s not news when nothing happens. Words of wisdom by someone who knows. Yet it will take 15,000 reporters and Lord knows how many news articles to report a done deal […]

Six Star Rating!

Speaking of documentaries, yesterday I saw a real documentary. Last week I bought a copy of Six, a riveting documentary about teen murderers produced by forensic psychologist Dr. Karen Smith (the wife of Glenn Reynolds). If, like me, you’re a person who does not watch documentaries in order to be led, this is well worth […]

Some facts are stubborn things to check!

In his last post, Varius made the following point: To question the timing, to speculate about the worst cause of an unclear event (like those who wondered whether Bush ‘went AWOL’ to avoid drug testing), and to counter a valid argument through an ad hominem attack is part and parcel of the leftist worldview. My […]