As Varius Crispinus reminds, the idea that anyone’s mind can be changed by an illogical slogan on a bumpersticker is astonishing. Yet people obviously believe in the power of nonsense slogans, proudly displayed. One of my favorites: “POVERTY IS VIOLENCE.” A demonstration that the driver of such a car does not think logically (something I don’t need to be reminded of while driving).
Then there’s the girl who hectored James Lileks about how the money that he earned should not be his:

Well, why is it your money? I think it should be their money.

Doubtless, she’d nod in absolute, profound agreement if she saw the “POVERTY IS VIOLENCE” sticker. Not because the metaphor makes sense logically, but because such metaphors are self-apparent to people who don’t think (or who’d rather not).
Along this line of thought (?), the best bumpersticker I saw simply read, “WORDS ARE NOT TRUTH!” The problem was, it wasn’t the only bumpersticker on the driver’s car, which made me wonder whether the driver was lost in a sea of useless, lying words. One thing is certain: there is no winning or losing an argument with someone who believes (er, claims to believe) that words (er, some words) are not truth. (An old Lewis Carroll idea….)
Some words? Never mind which words! You wouldn’t understand! We’ll just call you names if you try!
I try to avoid accidents, so I try to stay several car lengths behind.
UPDATE: AN ECHO NOT A CHOICE? Hillary Clinton today sounded like Lileks’ 18 year old girl all growed up!

We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good. (Via Glenn Reynolds.)

She’s telling the truth. But I don’t think she’s quite ready to go door to door.