A friend has pointed out this piece by one of my favorite writers, Christopher Hitchens. It should be required reading for anyone who comes away convinced by Farenheit 9/11 (such as Howard Stern, who I’m pretty sure spent a sizeable portion of yesterday’s show tongue-kissing Michael Moore).
Here’s an excerpt, and not even the most entertaining (some of that comes when he pits Moore’s own contradictions against one another):

I have already said that Moore’s film has the staunch courage to mock Bush for his verbal infelicity. Yet it’s much, much braver than that. From Fahrenheit 9/11 you can glean even more astounding and hidden disclosures, such as the capitalist nature of American society, the existence of Eisenhower’s “military-industrial complex,” and the use of “spin” in the presentation of our politicians. It’s high time someone had the nerve to point this out.

I’d quote more, but the whole piece is a joy to read and well worth it. Just wait until he hits upon Moore’s recent (and racist) claim about what would have happened had there been more black passengers aboard the planes.