Not until you’ve read the 47th Bonfire of the Vanities, that is….
This week it’s hosted at Laurence Simon’s luscious new blog, This Blog is Full of Crap.
Some highlights:

  • Susie warns of impending doom in the blogosphere — from which only she can save us!
  • Mind of Mog lets us in on the latest wrinkle on the Microsoft/Linux war for the blogosphere.
  • Laurence himself is looking for God in all the wrong places.
  • Cranial Cavity posts about a new phenomenon: FLASH IF YOU HATE BUSH.
    (Hmmmmm…… There’s a contradiction somewhere there, I think.)
  • Kevin at Wizbang is now going to the right parties!
  • A very enjoyable bonfire, so please read them all.
    Then flush and burn!