Well, I finally found the time for a post, but things are looking kind of sleepy in the blogosphere right now, and I’m on the verge of sleep myself. Not much earth-shaking news (you know it’s bad when the front page shows a cicada buzzing President Bush’s head!), and it seems the media is taking a break from anti-gun stories, so my blogfather Jeff didn’t write a forced Weekly Check on the Gun Bias (but read this and this). Still, Jeff’s having a ball with the biker candidate John Kerry, who’s having a hell of a time trying to decide whether to be nominated. What are they waiting for, anyway? Another terrorist attack?
Hope this isn’t the calm before the storm….
As to the cicadas’ harassment of Bush being front page news, I will have my readers know that my dog Puff has plenty of experience with the buggers.
The last time a cicada decided to sit on my knee while I had my camera handy, Puff was happily, unsuspectingly, sitting in the yard. The perspective shows them to be about the same size.
But eventually (with a little prompting), Puff came over to investigate. When the cicada moved, Puff suddenly lurched at the thing, and his head was a blur:
I told him the cicada was his friend, and he calmed down — just a bit — allowing me to take a more civilized photograph. Well, I had to calm him down a bit:
Cicadas cause indigestion, you know….
(At least, so says the Inky, which always keeps the bugosphere informed.)
UPDATE: Hey, speaking of nothing, I hear there’s a book coming out, which will no doubt detail all the things that Bill Clinton did about al Qaida’s 1993 operation in Somalia, the 1993 World Trade Center terrorist bombing, the Khobar Towers terrorist bombing, the African Embassies terrorist bombings, and the U.S.S. Cole terrorist bombing….
On second thought, the book can’t just be Bill Clinton’s What I Did About Al Qaida, or else it will have to go on this list.