Because the stories continue, an update on Nick Berg’s decapitation is overdue, whether I like it or not.
Tim Blair fisks the theory that because the white plastic chair Berg was seated on looks like the chairs at Abu Ghraib prison, that this proves Nick Berg was beheaded by Americans in a false flag operation.
I’d note that there are lots of these chairs around; for example, here’s the same chair. (Some of them have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Little wonder they’re in Iraq….)
I don’t mean to make light of this, but I own a couple of them, and they are wobbly. But they were very cheap; around five dollars or so.
The UCSD Guardian reports that a “Library Walk” screening of the Berg beheading was canceled by school authorities.
It seems the students can’t see it anywhere else, and I don’t know why.
We don’t have censorship, do we?
Finally, Nick Berg’s sister is suspicious of Michael Moore’s claim that he interviewed Nick for his film Fahrenheit 9/11. I’d be suspicious of anything Moore claimed.
As to the beheading video, it’s obviously edited heavily, and appears to have been shot with more than one camera in an amateurish manner. (Professional spooks, I believe, would have done a much better job had they faked the video.) I made it available here because it was not being shown to the public, despite the fact that they were being inundated with abu Ghraib images on a daily basis. Obviously, I am in no position to vouch for its authenticity in any way. In terms of cold-blooded horror, it reminds me of the Daniel Pearl video, which I also posted for streaming. I’ve been criticized for streaming it, but I’ll do it again the next time something like this happens.
As to the conspiracy/false flag allegations, I am not convinced at all, as I already explained in a comment. One thing which might have put such talk to rest would have been an autopsy, because pathologists can at least determine whether cut human tissue was alive at the time it was cut. But that would not silence those who believe the beheading wasn’t the work of terrorists, because they’d simply drop the claim that Nick was already dead when he was decapitated, and just say that the CIA obviously beheaded him while alive.
Can I prove that Bush/CIA didn’t do it?
No, but I also can’t prove that Al Gore and John Kerry didn’t do it.