I spoke to a Bush hating friend about the latest fast-growth industry I’ve recently posted about here (the paranoid Osama-Bush 9-11 stuff), and he opined that Bush is so bad that the people who hate him feel helpless, and have nowhere to go. Thus, they vent their anger and frustration by believing in irrational claims like the notion that no plane ever hit the Pentagon.
That may be true about the followers — the attendees of conferences like this — but I think the people behind it are playing regular old hardball politics, if a newer, more vicious version of it.
I think much of this is fueled by cynical political operatives — some of whom are anti-American, but others of whom are engaged in simple retaliation for the Clinton hate machine, which blamed the Clintons for numerous deaths, including teenagers run over by trains if I remember correctly. I am not sure that such retaliation is an effective political strategy right now, but the authors of it didn’t ask for my advice.
So I’ll give it anyway. Concocting paranoid conspiracy claims about Bush, then funding them and using Hollywood heavies like Asner and Moore (or academic celebrities like Zinn) to boost attendance — all in the hope of building a hard-core “base” of Bush hatred in the Democratic Party — does not strike me as a good way to win the election. (Certainly, it didn’t help Howard Dean’s campaign.)
Because, if this stuff builds — as it now is — to a point where it can no longer be ignored at the family dinner table or on the evening news, then the regular old experts (the huge number of civil and aeronautical engineers with no axes to grind) will calmly debunk these claims.
Then, worse for the Democrats, Bush will be able to point the finger at them and very gently remind the American people that he was not behind 9-11, or partners with Osama bin Laden, but that all these people are saying he was, “and that’s bad for the country.”
The problem for the Democrats is that for millions of Americans, he’d be right.
On a related issue, I marvel at the number of comments I have been getting from people who think the crudely edited Nick Berg video was either fake or else (like 9-11) another false flag Bush/CIA/Mossad operation. Why the Zionist conspirators couldn’t have done a better job of faking it escapes me. And why would they kill Nick Berg before beheading him? Kindness?
Only Osama-Bush knows……
Spare me.