“I’ve never been on InstaPundit. I don’t even know what that is.”
So claims my old favorite, Jodi Wilgoren. (Via InstaPundit.) The first part of the statement — “never been on” — may in the strictest and most literal sense be true, but “not knowing what that is?
Come on, Jodi!
This latest display of “ignorance” is downright cute. Coy. Genuinely endearing.
But cuteness aside, there is such a thing as objectivity in journalism. Considering the prominence of Glenn Reynolds, as well as Ms. Wilgoren’s (and her family’s) stated interest in tracking what’s said about her in the blogosphere, I think either she’s either not reading the links carefully enough (as unlikely as it would be unprofessional), or else she’s just pretending not to notice.
Is the latter the case? Deliberately concealed ignorance passed off as objective disinterest?
I’m not sure whether to call that journalism, but it’s certainly professional.
NOTE: While I don’t have time to start a Jodi Wilgoren fan club, I have devoted two posts to her (here and here), because I know talent when I see it, and I think she may be the next Maureen Dowd.