Have high class call girls been manipulating the new media?
Is it blogging, or is it a real scandal?
Come again?
This is par for the course in Washington, and nothing new.
Why, it didn’t even start with Watergate! (It’s just that Watergate hasn’t been outed yet.)
The world’s oldest profession (and it is a profession) has finally gotten some real attention in the blogosphere, and I am not surprised, or even impressed. Not a shred of moral outrage or indignation here.
Whatever moral outrage or indignation I might have had was long ago spent. It’s been ten years since I learned that at the heart of Watergate was a high class hooker ring, which was systematically covered up, and which continues to be systematically covered up.
I don’t know how else to put it, or how many times I have said it, but this country has been had before, and on a much greater scale. Michelle Malkin comes pretty close to the truth in her characterization of the media, but I think that she, and everyone concerned would do well to ask why anyone should be shocked when modern “investigative journalism” (and what Glenn Reynolds and Peter Morgan have called the “Big Bang” of what passes for modern political “ethics”), has its origin in the world’s oldest profession.
Yeah, folks, once again I want to remind everyone that Watergate involved a coverup of a (gulp) prostitution ring. (I have an old, tired, blog with links for anyone wanting more detail….)
No foundation, all the way down the line!
I’m not cynical; I’m way past that stage….
On a serious note, happy Memorial Day, everyone! Try to remember the veterans, whose sacrifices should not be forgotten as hawks turn into doves, and vice versa.