Time for blogging is in very short supply today, but every once in a while I find something that really captures my imagination….
I seriously suggest that everyone interested in the First Amendment read this post by Jeff Jarvis. It’s about The Week‘s conference on indecency, in which a variety of big name journalists — left, right, and libertarian — weigh on with fascinating pronouncements on media censorship.
A couple of gems, one from Bill Maher:

“The biggest threat of censorship is on college campuses. They are out of control…. The kids today. Somebody needs to slap them. They do not understand what free speech is. And it’s coming from the left….” He tells a story of speaking at Smith and a student who walked out of watching the final episode of Ellen because it was boring was threatened with being thrown off of campus for a “hate crime.”

And one from Michelle Malkin:

Malkin: “Those Abu Ghraib pictures were journalistic pornography.” She says that if you ask a journalist to report on the details of partial-birth abortion “they all of a sudden get too delicate.”

And I’ll let Maher have next to the last word:

“What [Monica Crowley]’s saying is that the definition of a liberal is a conservative who’s just been censored, if I may paraphrase that.”

(I have known many a conservative who was a liberal who’d been censored too!)
Read it all!