Well, it’s Online Testing Day at Classical Values, but right now I am so confused that I feel like creating my own test, along the lines of “Which Spirit of America Alliance Are You?” I mean, I can’t keep track of which sides all these bloggers are on. I am, um, challenged.
There are several founders of the challenge movement, one being of course Michele, whose Victory Coalition has its own banner:
Michele is supported by Kevin and many others (including Fritz who has good graphics), but I can’t be expected to list them all here.
Whoa! Michele has more graphics than I realized. Check this out:
According to the Spirit of America site, the Victory Coalition is mounting a spirited challenge to raise money for the Marines:

Our goal is to outgive the ALL other alliances (The Deaniacs and the Argghhh’s, for example), and then rub their faces in it. All your alliance are belong to us!!!”

The Deaniacs? The Argghh’s?
They must mean co-founder Dean Esmay, whose Liberty Alliance is here, and whose dog likes kitties.
Puff likes kitties, and so do I. If Puff could give, I know he’d go with Dean’s Liberty Alliance. (Maybe he’ll remind me later….)
By “The Arghh’s” they’re obviously referring to
Castle Argghhh!, which also features a kitty, as well as a logo of Uncle Sam wearing a medieval helmet, which I like. And there’s some really cool stuff being auctioned off too.
Here’s the Argghhh! logo:
Can’t go wrong there either. I like auctions!
Here are the official results so far:

Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom $9759.5 Donate
The Victory Coalition $7223 Donate
Liberty Alliance $3154 Donate

I don’t know how I could manage to create an online test, and maybe it isn’t appropriate anyway.
Here is my deal: I donated $70.00 so far, but I didn’t pay any attention to which “alliance” or “coalition” directed me to the Spirit of Liberty site. I guess that makes me unaligned, but I want to support the troops and the Iraqi kids any way I can. I love all of the bloggers who are doing this, and so I don’t know how I would decide which alliance to support.
The only way I’d trouble myself to write an Online Test selecting the right alliance would be if I could require that readers pay in advance to take the test, and have the results direct the money to the appropriate alliance. I have no idea whether Quizilla can do such a thing and I doubt it. Plus, I doubt there’s time; the challenge is over in a week.
So let me issue my own challenge. Regular readers know I don’t have a kitty, and I have never asked for money for myself. Just think of how much money you have all saved! And now that you’ve saved it, I am asking you — especially those of you who like this blog enough to read it regularly — to please donate to Spirit of America. Either pick one of the above blogs, or just go directly to the Spirit of America, and help the Marines help Iraqis.
Then you can come back. And maybe I’ll let you take the regular tests for today (if I can find the damned things….).
Seriously, please give. I can’t think of a better cause.
I might not know which “side” I’m on in the blogosphere, but in this effort, there is no wrong side.
I take that back!
To not give at all is, I think, to be on the wrong side.
CATS AND DOGS UPDATE: In view of the fact that “Friday catblogging” is becoming an established tradition in the blogosphere, I would be remiss if I did not put a kitty where my mouth is. All the more so in light of my comments about Dean Esmay’s kitty-and-doggie picture.
So, here it is; a rare, never-before-seen photo of Puff and a kitty!
Photographic progression inspired by Glenn Reynolds, Jeff Soyer, and Dean Esmay.
PLEASE NOTE: I am not set up to do catblogging, because I don’t own a cat. The kitty in the picture is not mine, which I guess makes it a “demo-cat.” The picture was taken when I visited some friends on their Indiana farm, and these two hit it off right away. Puff has always wanted a kitty. The problem is, so has Molly (but in a not-nice way).