This is very annoying:

“It’s time for Dick Cheney to call off the Republican attack dogs. The American people have better things to do with their time than listen to more misleading attacks from a man who has been misleading them from the day he took office,” McAuliffe said. (Via Travelling Shoes.)

OK, for the sake of argument, let us suppose the American people have better things to do than listen to Dick Cheney’s criticisms of Kerry.
Does that mean that anyone who asks legitimate questions about Kerry’s medal-tossing is one of Cheney’s attack dogs? Even ABC Good Morning America’s Charlie Gibson — a man Aubrey Turner has called a “socialist scumbag”?
How did Gibson become one of Cheney’s attack dogs?
What really caught my attention though, was that just as the big media and the blogosphere were abuzz over the numerous contradictions in the medal-tossing extravaganza, Kerry suddenly started talking about shrapnel in his left leg. There’s no reason to doubt this claim, or in any way belittle his proven courage under fire in Vietnam. But the timing…. Why is it that right now we’re suddenly hearing about shrapnel in the leg? Unless his campaign is urging him to hold back, this would be the kind of thing he’d be expected to brag about. Often.
If there is a strategy of holding back the best for later, I wonder what goodies we’ll hear as we get closer to November. There was that shoulder surgery not long ago; why aren’t the paranoid conspiracy theorists speculating about what might have been removed? Or added?
(Don’t look at me; I’m shouldering enough responsibility without biting off more than I can chew….)
Speaking of mystery legs, here’s more on the mystery leg that had me up in arms recently.

Jordan conceded under defense questioning that someone else may have been killed because one left leg could not be matched with any of the 168 known bombing fatalities.
“That’s possible,” Jordan testified. “This is a mystery to which I don’t have the answer.”
Nichols, 49, contends executed bomber Timothy McVeigh had help from others — not him. His attorneys may suggest during closing arguments the unmatched leg is all that is left of McVeigh’s true accomplice.
Jordan testified his “gut feeling” was that medical examiners made a mistake and the leg belonged to a known victim. He told jurors, though, he and other experts studied X-rays and other evidence and couldn’t figure out any mistake.
He said anthropologists concluded the shaven left leg likely belonged to a woman of mixed race who was 5 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 6 inches tall. Prosecutors suggested Friday the leg could have belonged to a homeless person.
Outside the courthouse, Jordan told reporters: “I’ve always thought this had to be a mistake on our part. … There were a lot of missing parts. … But we have looked and looked and looked. Other pathologists have looked. Other anthropologists have looked. And we can’t find it. … Could it be another individual? I have to say, ‘Could be. I don’t know.’ … I do not know whose leg it is. That’s the bottom line.”
Leg had been placed in coffin The mystery leg had been mistakenly placed in the coffin of Tinker Airman 1st Class Lakesha Levy, who was killed while visiting the Social Security office.
Officials discovered the mistake when they identified a left leg found in the rubble on May 30, 1995, as Levy’s leg. Officials made that identification from a footprint on Levy’s birth records.
The mystery leg was studied after Levy’s casket was removed in 1996 from an above- ground crypt in New Orleans.

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I am simply not buying the story that a team of pathologists is unable to determine the sex of that leg. Identification of Y chromosomal DNA will determine the sex — even of skeletal remains.
The fact that the left leg was shaved reveals there was plenty of flesh available for testing. Why hasn’t that been done?
Does a shaven leg necessarily prove that the leg came from a woman?
I don’t think so, because men shave their legs too!
Lest readers think I’m referring to drag queens, this report shows that there can be other reasons why a man might shave his legs:

investigators searching the luggage of suspected hijacker Mohamed Atta had found what appeared to be instructions for the suicide hijackers. Excerpts released by the Justice Department included this instruction: “The previous night, shave the extra hair from the body [and] pray.”

Either way, though, it sounds like a drag.