After Susie saw my last post (in which I mentioned the Flea’s “glimpse of self“), Susie put me to shame by running the test on herself (she’s Juliette Binoche and Judy Garland).
This, of course, put the onus on me to see what who I look like. Being a naturally distrustful person, I thought I would sponsor an age progression on myself, so I ran the test twice, first with this picture of me taken in the early 1980s.
Early 80s result:
Pavel Bure, Gary Oldman, Freddie Mercury
Next I uploaded a recent picture of me:
Recent photo result:
Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Robbins, Pavel Bure
Samuel L. Jackson? Um, I think that anyone who would confuse me with Samuel L. Jackson should not be allowed to drive a car, and probably wouldn’t be safe walking the streets. (Tim Robbins, however — there’s yet another similarity between me and the Flea!)
Pavel Bure intrigues me because it’s a double hit — on pictures twenty years apart. That has to reveal something.
I’m afraid to ask about this Pavel Bure’s background, but I guess I have no choice since he’s running around impersonating me.
Anyway, there’s at least one book written about him. He’s a Russian and a recluse and a Right Wing.
Let me make one thing perfectly clear right now: I AM NOT A RUSSIAN!
It’s hard to tell whether I have a strong facial resemblance to Bure, but I don’t think I’ll be mistaken for him, nor him for me, so I am not worried.
Glad that ordeal is over!