A columnist for a student newspaper has (apparently) apologized to the family of Pat Tillman for his Ted-Rall-like remarks:

Rene Gonzalez had written a column for the campus paper saying the football player-turned-soldier who died in combat in Afghanistan wasn’t a hero — but a “G.I. Joe guy who got what was coming to him.”
Gonzalez said in an e-mail to a Boston TV station that he was trying to say Tillman’s celebrity had factored into his being labeled a hero.
He admits he tried to prove his point in an “insensitive way” and that the article wasn’t worth publishing.

Wasn’t worth publishing? That’s a hell of a thing for any writer to be forced to admit!
While the “got what was coming to him” remark was standard leftist fare, the “wasn’t worth publishing” remark reminds me of how Kos attempted to trivialize similar remarks. (“….wrote in some diary comments somewhere….”)
The difference is that there wasn’t any college president to make Kos apologize.
UPDATE: Just found out the writer is looking for love. (Via Glenn Reynolds.)
Rene calls himself a “courageous leftist” and calls the American government “fascistic and Hitlerian.” He was born on the Fourth of July, is 4’8″ tall, and says things like

My tongue is my sword.
No Jewesses please.

You think I’m making this up? Go take a look, although you might have to click to enlarge the image.
This absolutely cannot be satire, of course….
UPDATE: Here’s the entire text that Gonzalez claims wasn’t worth publishing. He makes it quite clear who’s side he’s on:

Their resistance is more legitimate than our invasion, regardless of the fact that our social values are probably more enlightened than theirs. For that, [Tillman] shouldn’t be hailed as a hero, he should be used as a poster boy for the dangerous consequences of too much “America is #1,” frat boy, propaganda bull.
….He did die in vain, because in the years to come, we will realize the irrationality of the War on Terror and the American reaction to Sept. 11….

It strikes me that anyone feeling strongly enough to write and publish something like that must have believed it was worth publishing.
MORE: Here’s a real picture of Rene for anyone who might be interested….
Found the picture here…..
And confirmed it via Amazon.
>>>Better hurry, because Rene might decide the picture wasn’t worth publishing! (Don’t know about the Amazon reviews.)
UPDATE: A commenter just informed me the MarKamusic website has been altered since I posted the link. (While I can’t blame them, here’s the cached version of the above website.)
Why, they even took down the group photo!
MORE AND WORSE (4-3-04): Funny thing that I’d call Rene Gonzalez’s remarks Ted Rall-like. It only took a couple of days for Rall to produce a cartoon mocking Tillman as a bigot, a cog, an idiot, and a sap. (Via Drudge, whose dry reporting was outdone by Michelle.)
Will Rall apologize?
YET MORE: Sheesh! From Glenn Reynolds, I just learned that MSNBC took down the Rall cartoon I linked above. It was there when I linked it, and frankly I am getting a little fatigued by now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t tactics, but I guess that’s the nature of the Internet. I never know what to expect. Anyway, here, via InstaPundit, is the image from Michelle, and here’s the screenshot saved by Fred Schoenman.
What’s with this “NEXT CARTOON PLEASE!” business, anyway? I doubt it’s Rall’s way of apologizing, and I wonder if he’s even being asked not to do it again.