Dick Morris on UNSCAM:

At the start of the Oil-for-Food program, America and Britain proposed that the money flow only to accounts entirely controlled by the United Nations. Soon this standard was lowered to include accounts not actually controlled by the United Nations, but only monitored by it.
Then-Sen. Frank Murkowski, R-Alaska, warned that “oil is fungible” and noted that once Iraq was allowed to pump and sell it, Saddam could sell all he wanted outside of officially sanctioned channels and nobody could tell which black liquid was legal and which not. But nobody imagined that there were actual bribes going to specific French, Russian and UN officials as part of the program.
Now it appears that Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s sanctimonious posturing may have concealed oil bribes which reached high up in the ranks of the UN organization itself.
The defect of international coalitions is that they include the just and the unjust, the bribed and the honest, the democratic and the autocratic. And their members cannot be trusted equally. The group that stood up and backed the invasion of Iraq was nicknamed “the Coalition of the Willing.” Now it appears it was also “the Coalition of the Honest.”

Gives the lie to the old slogan “NO BLOOD FOR OIL,” I think.
Peace can be made very profitable.
Here’s Kofi Annan on Saddam Hussein, 1998:

a man I can do business with….

And how!