Everyone, please take a moment to do two things.
Peruse the 84th Carnival of the Vanities, hosted by Trudy W. Schuett at WOLves. And don’t miss the 43rd Bonfire of the Vanities, hosted by On the Fritz.
I’ll highlight some of my favorites, starting with the Bonfire.

  • Incredible as it sounds, the Gleeful Extremist was actually banned from a discussion group, because (get this!) “I called people who were siphoning millions off of the food-for-oil program ‘Saddam supporters.'” Every blogger worth his salarium should try to get banned somewhere. (So far, I have only managed to get myself blocked by SONICwall….)
  • I knew I’d seen Susie’s post somewhere and thought I’d left a comment by now but I can’t remember. I really should have written it down, because I’ve lost the mental notes I must have made…..
  • The esteemed Ghost of a flea has finally shown us a glimpse of self — a sort of mutation of Tim Robbins, Clint Eastwood and Scott Baio. (Nicholas is half-looking out through rose-colored glasses, so I am not sure he is being completely serious, but with such an enigmatic mystery man, you can never be sure….)
  • And Fritz, of course, has outdone everyone by dousing the flames he started with his nostalgic urinalysis.
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    Now for some tidbits from the Carnival.

  • If you like Earth Day you’ll love this post from Alan K. Henderson.
  • Solomonia looks at Bush’s position on Sharon’s latest plan, and has some fascinating conclusions which probably should be classified, but there they are for the world to read. (“George Bush has become adept, in true classical Liberal fashion, at shaking up the pot and edging people out of their comfortable positions. That’s why the Europeans hate him, and we right thinking folk, who understand the old ways are accomplishing little…love him.”)
  • The noxious and slippery concept of race is taken to task by Parablemania, a blogger after my heart who goes after definitionitis with a vengeance! He starts with race, then moves onto “life,” “person,” and offers some valuable philosophical insights worth an entire post — so go read it!
  • Dissecting Leftism tackles age, iconoclasm and moral imbecility with equal adroitness.
  • Speaking of moral imbecility, Greenie Watch posts about the latest Greenie fad: babies without diapers (read “virtue in having babies shit all over the place!”)
  • Finally, I enjoyed reading Da Goddess’s report that the Spirit of America has raised $26,000.
  • So I’ll end by repeating what I said before….
    Please GIVE!