I can’t believe it, but my newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, has finally mentioned the United Nations!

Kerry speech to spell out foreign policy

By James Kuhnhenn
Inquirer Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON – With Sen. John Kerry and President Bush sounding similar in their prescriptions for stability in Iraq, Kerry this week plans to call for a more defined U.N. role in the country and greater participation from Security Council members such as France and Germany, aides said yesterday.
…Kerry is expected to reiterate the formulation he has spelled out for Iraq before, including the need for greater U.N. participation.
Kerry has said he would seek a Security Council resolution to hand over nation-building duties to the United Nations under a U.N. “high commissioner.”

Here here!
Fortunately for Kerry, Philadelphia voters who get their news from the Inquirer are unaware of the UNSCAM scandal, unaware that Saddam Hussein’s corrupt money was not only funding the UN for years, but funding terrorism. (Via Glenn Reynolds.)
Kerry’s plan for greater UN participation is therefore a very good thing, and it must be reported!
Also reported on the same page was this story questioning Bush’s service in the National Guard, which mentioned — barely — the Kerry medal flap:

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Kerry had a “commendable record of service in the military” that no one was questioning, but the spokesman did not condemn criticism by Bush adviser Karen Hughes, who said Kerry misled Americans by “pretending” to throw his medals away when he returned from Vietnam.

So now it’s about Karen Hughes accusing Kerry of “pretending”? This is a far cry from what was reported in many other newspapers yesterday, but I guess a misleading story is better than no acknowledgement that there is a story.