Does anyone remember a place called Afghanistan? Christopher Hitchens does, noting that Richard Clarke, in his haste to call Bush hasty, would have us overlook the fact that the first thing Bush did was not to invade Iraq, but Afghanistan:

To listen to Clarke now, you could almost imagine that the invasion of Afghanistan and eviction of the Taliban?the actual first response of the administration to Sept. 11?had not taken place. To listen to Clarke, also, you would suppose that any Iraqi connection to terrorism was sucked straight out of Rumsfeld’s or Wolfowitz’s thumb. One theory that does collapse completely is that of administration foreknowledge?the Bush people were evidently in no shape to take any quick advantage of the events and seemingly hadn’t bothered to plant even one Iraqi among the mainly Saudi hijackers. But in my experience, dud theories die only to be replaced by new and even dumber ones. The current reigning favorite is that fighting al-Qaida in Iraq is a distraction from the fight against al-Qaida.

Pretty damning.
But personally, I think it’s a distraction from the real threat, which of course is the Internet…..
Clarke’s pre and post-Y2K warnings are worth repeating again:

I want mankind to learn just once, the easy way about the horrifying dangers of the Internet while I’m still alive so I can take ex post facto credit for saving a third of humanity from those cyber-terrorists and cyber-wars I constantly screamed about before 9/11.

Isn’t it about time to face the real enemy?
Ex post haste!