Pandas have thumbs! A cool idea for a new blog!
I am delighted to see that Timothy Sandefur is contributing to this group effort, and I only wish I could get Justin to join me here, because two heads are better than one. Sometimes I’m all thumbs, and I need help!
Now if I could only figure out why pythons have spurs….
What was God thinking? It’s been said that women were created out of Adam’s rib, and this was certainly the hard way to do it considering the chromosomal problems involved. But the python! These useless vestiges of what in most animals would be legs…. No function whatsoever! It has been argued that they scratch each other with them when mating, but isn’t it a stretch that God would be thinking about reptilian sex? And after that same animal tempted the rib lady into making Adam eat la manzana prohibida?
Did the python earn its spurs?