In honor of Rachel Lucas, I think it’s time for some “doggie action” photos! I mentioned Puff’s girlfriend Emily in a recent post, and as luck would have it, today, while I had my camera, I suddenly saw Emily and her very jealous and possessive partner, Chester, walking along the road. I pulled over, opened the window and Emily immediately went into conniptions, as she dearly loves seeing her lookalike boyfriend Puff, and it’s been some time. Her owner could barely hang onto her leash, but he was delighted to oblige for fun and games, so I opened the door for Puff to get out. Instead, Emily tried to get into my car, and this was complicated by Chester’s best efforts to make sure that he was not ignored. I finally persuaded Puff that it would be a better idea if he got out of the car. Not easy for a 14 year old, but he finally dragged himself out.
Here he is waiting for Emily to make the first move. (She is much younger and far more agile.)
They reaquaint themselves, while Chester does his best to run interference:
In traditional canine custom, the sniffing begins. Emily went first!
And one good sniff deserves another, so here’s Puff taking his turn:
And here’s one last closeup of Emily, with Chester doing his level best to get into the picture.
I expressed remorse that Emily lost what it takes to make puppies, because the ones these two might have generated would have been irresistible. Her owner couldn’t have agreed more, adding that “Emily would have been such a good mom!”
It’s a crying shame these dogs have such a bad press.
(Of course, here’s one blogger who’s doing a great job of trying to counter it. Wish I could do more!)