The 39th Bonfire of the Vanities is hosted by Founder, Kevin Aylward, who reports that “the scheduled host dropped off the face of the earth.”
The earth is a hell of a thing off of which to drop, but I admire Kevin’s diligence, because I love the idea of a blog roast, and I try to never miss it. It makes me less self conscious to be able to offer posts knowing they’ll be burned. Of course, Kevin did not forget me; he not only ridicules my “obsession” with reptilian sex, but he opines that “the guy with the panda blog was less than thrilled” to be mentioned in my post!
I am crushed, Kevin! Only a python could have crushed me more!
My old blogfriend Michael Demmons talks about those tunes you just can’t get out of your head.
Then there’s Alex and dirty underwear
I couldn’t resist mentioning Susie — discussing a Peace Plan from (major GULP!) Frank J.!
Or Kevin, now in love with Noam Chomsky!
What’s the world coming to? Maybe I should turn on, tune in, and drop off….