The Carnival of the Vanities is hosted by Eric Berlin, and it’s already up! It’s posted right now for April Fool’s Day, and foolishly, I missed the deadline by seven hours, so I thought I’d link to it early.
What really should be an April Fools joke (but which isn’t, unfortunately) is United States v. Gould, called “The Road to Hell…” by The Smallest Minority.
Eric Berlin does a wonderful job of dividing the posts into four groups, each of which has “one fake blog in every group.” If you can spot ’em, “you’ve got an excellent eye for separating real stories from fiction.”

“one entry in each group is complete hokum. Nonsense. Tommyrot. Narrishkeit. (I have a hell of a thesaurus.)

Excellent! I won’t give them away.
(Hint: the fake blogs all have good names which should have already been used.)