The stuff you can find in leftist journals never ceases to amaze me….
Here’s a story of unbelievably bad manners and outright arrogance displayed by John Kerry towards members of an Air Force crew flying him around Southeast Asia during the MIA/POW talks:

When we first flew him into Phnom Penh, he went to the back of the airplane and grabbed the pizza that was put aside for the crew and passed it around to his staff. He was never offered any pizza because they were supposed to have lunch with the Cambodian government once we landed. The pizza would have been our only meal that day.
Then when we picked him up in Cambodia, he was an hour late getting to the airport. We could not start the engines and therefore the air conditioning until he arrived. Phnom Penh at that time was over 100 degrees with 95% humidity and we were basically sitting in a greenhouse behind the cockpit windows.
When he finally did arrive, we were wringing out our clothes from the perspiration. He walks out of the air conditioned car, into the airplane and asks us ‘Could you guys get the air conditioning running, I’m a little warm.” The other pilot had to physically restrain me from going back there and picking a fight.

There’s more, including Kerry ordering them to fly a potentially unsafe plane.
Whether this story is true, I don’t know. I am sure Kerry would deny it.
But even at Indymedia they seem to be having a tough time debunking it.
If the story is true, I am not surprised at all, because it has the same hallmarks of arrogance displayed in the more recent skiing event.
Another illustration of the principle that the shit always flows downhill.
Even when airborne.