These days, the politically organized religious right and gay activists don’t seem to get along that well. Not only is it all but impossible for friendships to develop between these two groups, but even dialogue is impossible.
Each one of these groups tends to believe that the others are:

  • a threat to their families/lifestyles
  • persecuting them
  • evil!
  • Is humor possible, or are things too far gone?
    When I was in college, there was a lot of good natured banter between religious fundamentalists and gay activists (if anyone is interested, I used to harass the evangelists, who would harangue in return!), and I was thinking that maybe the “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” program could find a young, single, male, anti-homosexual activist from the religious right who otherwise fills their bill and possibly do a total makeover!
    Surely, somewhere out there, some lonely young member of the antigay religious right finds himself in need of a date but has the usual problems: terrible wardrobe, bad haircut, grooming problems, tacky living space — you know — the whole host of problems that the show specializes in “treating.”
    In return for consenting to be a guest on the show, the evangelist would be allowed by the Queer Eye folks a full segment in which he could try to convert them, yell at them, attempt to cure them — whatever it might take to save them from the sin of homosexuality.
    Depending on how this went, the episode might be high camp, and it could also serve as a reminder that we are all human.
    Even if the guy told the Queer Eye people that they were all a bunch of miserable sinners destined for Hell, he could nonetheless thank them for helping him out, and, well, I don’t see why any of it would be inconsistent with Christianity. Or free speech for that matter….
    I mean, Jesus hung out with bad people like tax collectors, prostitutes and lepers, didn’t he?
    It would generate big ratings, and might even spawn a new series.
    Too Christian?
    Too un-Christian?
    The audience could vote and decide!
    NOTE: At least one Christian blogger (in Australia; fancy that, mates!) has been thinking along similar lines:

    I’ve heard a lot of people here complaining about the show on talk back radio. Some are Christians ringing up to share their moral views, others are average Joe conservative Aussies who don’t want their kids to see it and others just think its dumb.
    I don’t think its the most amazing show on TV at the moment – I find the stars of the show mildly amusing – I’m a bit over all the sexual innuendo already (I can’t imagine how they will keep finding suggestive gay jokes for a whole season) – it is all a bit superficial at times – but I will admit I’ve learnt one or two things about what’s lacking in my wardrobe!
    But the thing that caught my attention the most was a statement made in the first week by one of the stars. To paraphrase him he said:
    ‘We just want to help this guy reach his potential…. to be the man he has the potential to be.’
    It strikes me that although he went about it very differently, Jesus actually spoke of something very similar when he said ‘I’ve come that they may have life’. (Jn 10:10) As I look at his ministry this is what he did – he drew people into life itself. Sometimes he does it in a very quick yet tangible way as he touches someone who has been lame for life and other times he lives with them for years, challenging attitudes, teaching and encouraging them to grow.
    Jesus was on about helping people to reach their potential. His make over was generally a lot more comprehensive than the fab 5, but he was in the life giving business and as his Body so should we be.

    Hey if they do the show I demand my pound of flesh!
    (Original inspiration from Citizen Smash, via Glenn Reynolds.)