Roundup of “undead” stories?

While I am very skeptical of conspiracy theories, the fact is that occasionally, there are unexplained conspiracies. By definition, unexplained conspiracies (until they are explained) logically demand the utilization of (for lack of a better phrase) conspiracy theories as a tool of examination. There is no question that terrorism — whether domestic or international — […]

Another portentous story involving death — sexed up by the BBC?

Will the BBC ever quit sexing up stories? I mean, it’s one thing to report a death, but it just strikes me as degrading to get into gory, gooey details about exploding body gases and decomposition and stuff. But for the BBC, nothing is too personal. Will they never learn? Whale explodes in Taiwanese city […]

Conquering the universe — one planet at a time!

This is a special day at Classical Values. World Blogosphere Peace has finally been achieved! PEACE IN OUR TIME! Therefore today’s online tests are offered in the spirit of Globalism, maybe even Universalism! It’s a relief that the Blog War is over and I can devote my efforts to World Peace, because this first test […]



A recent post by my blogfather highlights an issue which, unfortunately, is not being addressed as it should by the so-called “gay movment”: …[I]n Germany, Islamists (you know, followers of the religion of peace) are attacking gays. And since it’s “taboo” to ever say anything critical of Islam, the events go mostly unreported and discussed. […]

Yeeeaaagh! Time to crash?

Didn’t Howard Dean perform a remarkable imitation of the classic Confederate “rebel yell”? That last link (a blog called “Rebel Yell”) links to an intriguing musical rendition of Dean’s “Rebel Yell” by Lileks. Here’s another blogger (from Vermont), who spoke of “Southern disComfort.” But to be fair, Joshua Micah Marshall gave Ashcroft credit for the […]

In search of a “good” disease….

Time for a change in pace! Besides, I have been steeped in online research, so I might as well share the results. Hope I don’t bore my regular readers (nor any of the valued newcomers), because after all, this is not a veterinary blog! Last week, my dog Puff (the 14 year old pit bull) […]

Activists always know what’s best for the rest!

Has the country evolved to the point where there is seething mutual contempt between party activists (said to be the “base” of each major party) and the great, soft-“l”-libertarian majority? While it may be premature to say this, it now appears that Democratic party activists are driving their party into a hopeless “Iraq = Vietnam” […]

Unsettling update on an unsettled issue

Supposedly discredited reports about the connections between Al Qaida and Saddam Hussein just won’t die. Last month, Glenn Reynolds linked to (while taking care to express healthy caution about) a Telegraph story about a possible Abu Nidal connection to Al Qaida, and I added my two cents worth. Shortly thereafter, Glenn Reynolds reported Michael Isikoff’s […]

An anti-war general beats an anti-war lieutenant!

I know this will sound stupid, but at the risk of that (and at the risk of being repetitive) I am going to say it anyway: Wesley Clark is a better candidate than John Kerry. The theme — of an anti-war warrior — makes Clark and Kerry roughly the equivalent of each other. But let’s […]

Indigestible tidbits….

It’s the end of a slow day in which I posted nothing because I was gone all day. So, rather than have a topic, it struck me that I might just ramble on about nothing in particular (a “safe” thing to do on a Sunday evening when people do not read blogs). Well, as I […]

“Auntie Communism?”

A very creative blog (which features some very cool graphics) reports the latest twist on an old theme — the bashing of “homocons” for not conforming to the cultural diktats of the gay cultural Stalinists. This time, Michelangelo Signorile is calling Andrew Sullivan an “Auntie Tom” for daring to write for the “homophobic” Washington Times: […]

(My flakiest post ever!)

Shoveling snow. More to come. But every flake is different, right? Via ASCIIARTFARTS

My inner shrink ran over my own brain pan — at midnight!

Let’s start with psychoanalysis! I’m always in need of that — especially on Fridays, when, rain or shine, it’s always online testing day at Classical Values. By the way, I don’t know what I would do without Ghost of a flea, because there is a paucity of online tests in the blogosphere these days. And […]

History versus truth — the classics denied! AGAIN!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I must complain again about deliberate (in this case, simply outrageous) distortion of history. No; “distortion” is too weak a word. My complaint this time involves outright lying — a big lie on the level of Goebbels and Stalin History is supposed to be the story […]

Huge dysfunctional family

NOTE: I should probably stress something that occasional or first time readers might miss. Despite my regular differences with Biblical literalists of the Christian variety, I should make it clear that Koranic literalists are far worse — and far more dangerous. With the exception of an occasional murder of an abortion doctor (and an occasional […]

Punditry in love with trial lawyer?

Who are these pundits who all love Edwards now? I mean, I can see why they’re tired of Howard Dean. As Mark Steyn put it: Mr. Dean, who got a bad-back deferment from Vietnam and then went skiing, can’t match Mr. McCain’s resume and doesn’t try. When you go to a Dean angerthon, it’s all […]

Designer genes for God and gays?

NOTE: In case anyone has noticed, I haven’t had time for blogging in the past few days. I don’t know what I am going to do about it, but what follows has been languishing…. In a fascinating post last month, Randall Parker discussed scientific data showing a possible connection between “spirituality” and serotonin receptors in […]

Bringing the war home?

Wesley Clark and John Kerry seem to be at odds over their respective war records. Kerry proudly cites his Vietnam combat background, while Clark claims Kerry’s record can’t come close to his: [N]obody in this race has got the kind of background I’ve got.” “It’s one thing to be a hero as a junior officer. […]

Michael Moore endorses Republican!

Things are not looking good for Wesley Clark. First, there was his miserably poor showing in the Des Moines Register poll (via InstaPundit.) But now, Michael Moore has endorsed the guy. (via Stunning death blow? I don’t know how he’ll overcome this one. But one lingering question: what the hell is Michael Moore doing […]

Caving to fundamentalists?

This is worrisome news: A power struggle has begun in Iraq, as could have been predicted?indeed was predicted. Sistani is becoming more vocal and political because he faces a challenge to his leadership from the more activist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. “Al-Sadr does not have Sistani’s reputation or training as a scholar and thus presents himself […]