This is a Treo test. Frankly, I think the T-mobile Sidekick is far easier to use — but still, I thought I should do an honest evaluation. By comparison, this is torture.
The keyboard is much smaller and harder to use!
The OS, though, feels stabler.
Now let’s see whether we can post!
NOTE: The above was saved but after repeated attempts would not post. I think there is an incompatibility problem between Blazer browser and the Movable Type interface, as it freezes at the “Rebuilding entry” message.
I don’t have the patience for this — not when the Sidekick is so easy and painless.
(But then, I am lazy….)
UPDATE: I keep hearing that the Treo/Palm OS is more “stable” — but I have no way of evaluating that, short of attempting “crash tests” or something…. I will say this: there is a major advantage to the Sidekick browser in that I am able to see bright color graphics, whereas with the Blazer it’s black and white (at least with the 180), text only, and a rather dim screen. Example: this image loaded just fine on my Sidekick, but was not visible on the Treo. (Very, um, “stable”!)
UPDATE: Here’s a loyal, longtime Treo user contemplating a move to the Sidekick, who cites similar problems to those I experienced. A quite balanced review of both sides — although this is an easier choice for me because I was never dependent on the Palm OS in the first place, and thus am not concerned with such things as “the ability to export/synch my contacts and calendar with Outlook.”
On top of all that, I still can’t get over the $49.00 price! For something like this, as good as it is, I keep wondering, what’s the catch?
MORE: TechTV compares the top five Hybrid Phone/PDAs — and declares the Sidekick the winner.
Here’s Tech Ronin comparing the Sidekick to the Treo 600.
And here’s a comparison of the Sidekick to the Sony-Ericsson P800. (Along with a pro-P800, anti-Sidekick opinion.)