My impressions of the new T-Mobile color Sidekick…..
Obviously, it’s not as fast or as versatile as a laptop. But hey == I can do “moblog” posts as I am right now.
As I said last night, the biggest problem is linking. A shame, really, because I take pride in my links, but there is no easy way to do it. Still, I have much to learn, and maybe I can get better at cutting and pasting (which with this thing necessarily entails going backwards and forwards with possible loss of data — no way to open multiple pages simultaneously so you have to reload!)
But the deal I got was too sweet to refuse! This $300.00 device they’ll normally sell for $199.00 (look at their web site). Somehow, the guy sold it to me for $49.00 == which means that even after a year they aren’t making anything. If they’re trying to hook me they’re succeeding, though.
Moblogging seems to be the wave of the future.
UPDATE: Most of the blogs load pretty well on this thing == a notable exception being this blog! The fastest one I’ve seen so far is the streamlined (but without permalinks) PDA version of InstaPundit.
UPDATE: And here and here are pretty good descriptions of the Sidekick. I am falling in love.