Condemning Glenn Reynolds for not reading him, my favorite satirist, Howard Veit, now claims he “scooped” a story about EU tariffs “targeting states that were marginal for Bush” on November 11.
Without getting into the definition of the term, here is the supposed “scoop”:

Oh those clever Europeans: Note that the retaliatory tariffs are all aimed at products produced in states Bush MUST win in ’04; Florida, Texas (citrus, not cotton yet), Kentucky, and North Carolina. One would think they were given the data by the DNC, but that’s impossible. Nobody would be that low. But because the steel workers Union called Bush an unacceptable candidate, you can bet the U.S. will cancel our steel tariffs. The whole purpose was to buy votes and it didn’t work.

Not so!
The story was reported by the BBC on November 10, the day before.

The European Commission has drawn up a hit list of US imports worth about $2.2bn a year – including Harley Davidson motorcycles, citrus fruits and textiles – which will be targeted with retaliatory sanctions.
‘Re-balancing measures’
The hit list is said to have been calculated to inflict maximum pain on states whose support will be crucial to President George W Bush’s re-election campaign next year.

If writing about this a day after the BBC wrote about it constitutes a “scoop,” then I think I’ll tell you what happened yesterday in the Massachusetts Supreme Court.
No I guess I won’t. Howard has already beaten me to it, arguing that it was “great for rug munchers and shit stabbers, but nobody else.”
Do the “rug munchers” know about this judicial jackpot? Last time I looked, the vast majority of them were heterosexual men!
Wow, that is a scoop!
I take everything back!
(I’ll leave the “scoop” about “shit stabbers” out of this, because I believe in maintaining at least a semblance of dignity in this blog.)