Let’s start with a comment I just left at Don Watkins‘ blog:

OK you flattered me, so now I get to tell the truth!
(Long pause….)
Hi, I’m Eric. I was disgusted with life and had abandoned the blog I had started a year before in a spontanous outburst of childish temper.
After finding a blogfather — Alphecca — who persuaded me to lift myself out of my doldrums and really start blogging, next I encountered the indefatigable Don Watkins, who, through some strange paradoxical phenomenon not yet understood (and almost Zen-like), made me ashamed of my former slothfulness and decrepitude while at the same time ridiculing himself. After forcing me to learn about Objectivism, Don then disappeared on a ten-day drunken orgy. It was then I realized that I could never stop blogging.
Such are the ways of the great masters — and not for me to question…
Thank you for the kind words Don! I don’t know if I can live up to them.

I would be selfish in the extreme if I did not take this opportunity to say something which has been on my mind.
It concerns the subject of abandoned blogs. I am a little sensitive about losing friends, doubtless because I lost so many of them to AIDS. But here in the blogosphere, I have to say that despite my kvetching about ill will, incivility, and yes, even outright bigotry, the worst thing I have had to witness is the death of blogs I have enjoyed.
Sketches of Strain is one example of a blog which touched my life, then died. I got that awful, sinking feeling I know so well, and….
What has this to do with Don Watkins?
Well, as I said in my comment, when I was at a critical point in blogging, he helped me decide to never quit. And not long ago, he was able to move the mighty Rachel Lucas — to the point where she laughed for a full fifteen minutes and then pronounced him her favorite blogger.
But now even Rachel Lucas has succumbed to that dread disease of blog doldrums. Day after day, I keep checking back and I read this:

Just in case anyone is actually still coming by (at last check, I’m still getting about 1,300 hits a day for some bizarre reason even though this blog sucks now and we all know it)….

Come on Don, I wanna see some magic! Some real, Lazarus-style laying on of hands! If you can lift up the mighty Rachel Lucas, you will be the greatest healer of the blogosphere. All the world will pay homage to you! Dvorak will have to eat his mean-spirited, petty words. You will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.
You can do it, Don!
All I have to offer are blood, sweat, and tears.
Now where do you suppose I got that idea?