The next test — “Which famous artist most reflects your personality?” — is really one of the best online tests I have found so far, not only because I like the pictures, but because the result seems to be quite accurate.
M.C. Escher
Congratulations!! You are M.C. ESCHER.
Your drawings often depict images, which seem to be
feasible, but logically cannot exist.
You are happiest when you are exercising your mind.
You live your life very sensibly. Your friends
turn to you when they need advice from someone
who knows how to remove emotional prejudice
from a situation.

Which famous artist most reflects your personality?
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My thanks to Lynn at Reflections in d minor for this gem of a test!

Last but not least, a test from the reliably enigmatic Ghost of a flea — “Which member of the Bush Administration are you?” I have never met the Flea and I cannot explain the pattern, but we keep getting the same test results — and here the Flea and I BOTH tested out to be George W. Bush.
You're the W!
You are George Walker Bush! You are the most
powerful man in the world, which leaves you
little time to think for yourself. Fortunately,
you have your friends to think for you!

Which member of the Bush Administration are you?
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I guess the country can sleep at night knowing that the president has so many backups in reserve….