Catching up with old haunts….

This morning I drove to Newark, then took the train to New York where I ate lunch and saw the El Greco exhibit at the Met. I have a very strange personal experience with El Greco which I doubt most people would believe, but what the hell; it’s late Sunday night and I might as […]

This music review really sucks….

(….almost as much as being a RINO — which sucks almost as much as being a DINO!) It’s music review time! Last night I went to the Tower Theater and saw Phil Lesh and his band. Had a wonderful evening, and a wonderful day. Until, that is, I opened some hate-filled junk mail from a […]

If the lions get hungry, the smart lambs can shoot them!

Not long ago, I wrote a post about cultural tension between IQ and masculinity — and the related issue of IQ and race. I realize that I barely scratched the surface, which I think I first touched here: Just as pit bull owners were once invariably shown as antisocial if not psychotic misfits, gun owners […]

Love your weird and bitchy enemies!

Just because it’s the day after Thanksgiving doesn’t mean it’s not still Friday — and Friday is Online Testing Day at Classical Values so I dare not disappoint! I’ll start with a test from the esteemed Test Giver, Ghost of a flea, designed to determine my “WEIRDNESS QUOTIENT.” OUTRAGEOUS! Mine was 106 — exactly the […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gone all day — poor little orphan me, visiting some wonderful people who were nice enough to include me in their Thanksgiving festivities. Children all over the place, and I played Scrabble for the first time since I was a kid. And I won! In fairness I should say that they beat me at a […]

Interesting definitions….

“When I use a word, it means exactly what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.” — Humptius Dumptius A number of religious bloggers are upset about a post by Dean Esmay explaining why he renounced Christianity. As one of the few people I know who claims to be both a Pagan and […]

Eat one, but don’t be one!

Be sure to check out my blogfather’s special Thanksgiving Media Gun Bias report this week! Definitely one of those pictures worth a thousand words…. Very clever of Jeff, as it shows us what we’ll become if the gun grabbers get their way. It’s really hard to keep up to date with irritating anti-gun developments, and […]

SPAMMERS, the lions are hungry!

Hey, when I was still fairly new to blogging, I thought I was a bit over the top (if in line with the ancients) when I called for crucifixion of spammers. Well, this guy’s spam-fighting program makes me look like a total wuss: Booher threatened to send a “package full of Anthrax spores” to the […]

The daring Dr. Dean?

If Howard Dean is the Democratic candidate for the presidency, will he cause his party to seemingly abandon the precious “Southern Strategy”? I can’t think of a more counter-intuitive idea, for it completely violates all conventional wisdom, the South being of course a political sacred cow, as well as a sort of political Maginot Line. […]

Fun with Dick and Jane — in ancient Rome?

Despite the title of this blog and my tendency to carry on about the ancients, I sure am glad I am not really an ancient Roman brought back to life in modern America. I mean, how the hell would I make sense out of the omens and portents I regularly encounter? I was running this […]

Backlash works!

I am beginning to see why Karl Rove was pulling for Howard Dean…. I refer to Ted Rall’s endorsement, of course. Rall strikes an eerily conciliatory tone right now, even appearing to countenance (gulp) centrism: Brilliant, aggressive and moneyed (that’s Dean Witter to you, pal), Dr. Dean has a corner on the single most important […]

The great, scolded majority

I agree that this is the kind of remark Republican leaders should heed: As a single man that has not found the right girl even at this late date, I am one of those that has been pulverising all that is private and delicate blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blaaaaaaaaah. The problem with those […]

Do the good rise to the top?

Kim du Toit’s pussification post has opened a can of worms much larger than manhood. One of the reasons it touched a raw nerve was because — rightly or wrongly — the man dared to speak about something not generally allowed to be addressed. Whether and to what extent controversial topics may be discussed is […]

The Latest Wrong Thing.

Bloggers are either: a) foolish amateurs who abandon their blogs, or b) professsional writers who con the former. So says John Dvorak (link), who, if I remember correctly, once praised blogging as “the next thing.” I did remember correctly. (More or less….) Here’s the link. Well that was then, and this is now: Writing is […]

Make them “heal”!

Let’s start with a comment I just left at Don Watkins‘ blog: OK you flattered me, so now I get to tell the truth! (Long pause….) Hi, I’m Eric. I was disgusted with life and had abandoned the blog I had started a year before in a spontanous outburst of childish temper. After finding a […]

Music for the River Styx

Here’s some scary news from someone in a position to know: Gen. Tommy Franks says that if the United States is hit with a weapon of mass destruction that inflicts large casualties, the Constitution will likely be discarded in favor of a military form of government. …. In the magazine?s December edition, the former commander […]

My money isn’t mine!

Jesse Jackson (among other people) thinks that Rush Limbaugh should face prison for money laundering. Atrios reports on the matter but as far as I know has not weighed in on it. (Here is the story he links. Does anyone know for a fact that Atrios is a “he”? I guess the masculine subsumes the […]

You sweet thing you!

Step right up! Today is Online Test Day at Classical Values, and this Friday you’re getting two for one! That’s TWO POSTS, of TWO each, for a total of FOUR tests. (I happen to know this because of my background in mathematics, where I learned a complicated mathematical formula now taught only to the nation’s […]

Global Escher Bush

The next test — “Which famous artist most reflects your personality?” — is really one of the best online tests I have found so far, not only because I like the pictures, but because the result seems to be quite accurate. Congratulations!! You are M.C. ESCHER. Your drawings often depict images, which seem to befeasible, […]

Making a stab at a “scoop”

Condemning Glenn Reynolds for not reading him, my favorite satirist, Howard Veit, now claims he “scooped” a story about EU tariffs “targeting states that were marginal for Bush” on November 11. Without getting into the definition of the term, here is the supposed “scoop”: Oh those clever Europeans: Note that the retaliatory tariffs are all […]