“They that live in sin shall die in sin.”
Did Ronald Reagan say that about people with AIDS?
See also the New York Times report on this story — which fails utterly to confirm this remark. (via Virginia Postrel.)
Either Ronald Reagan made the above statement or he did not. I spent over an hour researching it on the Internet, and I am unable to find it. Regardless of President Reagan’s personal moral conservatism (which I remember well and did not like), I would have bitterly hated him forever had he made such a callused statement about people with AIDS, and I would certainly have remembered it. I lost three lovers and over twenty friends to AIDS, and the experience nearly caused me to commit suicide, so this is not something I take lightly.
Moral conservative or not, Reagan had gay friends, and he lost some to AIDS. While he was slow to speak up about the AIDS epidemic, his surgeon general’s promotion of condoms is inconsistent with a president wanting “sinners” to die.
I was never a Reagan supporter, but I am suspicious about these words which have been put in his mouth.
The whole thing is just too close to next fall’s election…..