Is a boycott of Malaysia unthinkable?
Think Malaysia, and think:
In short, Malaysia is a virtual Who’s Who of the computer industry.
And, by the way, sodomy laws. (Here’s more.)
The CPU and countless other parts inside the PC you are now using were very likely made in Malaysia, and your software was most likely produced and made there. Penang is known to Malaysians as “Silicon Island”.
I don’t say this idly, but if — let’s just make that an if — they are messing with our Internet, with our free speech, if their squalid little excuse for a president only takes time out from framing political opponents on sodomy charges so that he can spew anti-Semitic hatred, well, might it not be a good time to ask Bill Gates about his company’s huge investments there? (Hint: Let’s tell Bill the Malaysian government is moving to the dread open source….) Craig Barrett of Intel? Hector Ruiz of AMD? Kevin Rollins of Dell?
How would they like to receive emails from angry bloggers?
And there’s more for bloggers to be angry about….
Let’s return to His Excellency.
Right now, Mahathir Mohamad is getting the negative attention he deserves for his anti-Semitic remarks, and that is as it should be. But what about remarks like this:

“Western films idolise sex, violence, murders and wars. Now they permit homosexual practices and accept religious leaders with openly gay lifestyles,” he said.
He added, “They are very angry ? especially their reporters, many of whom are homos ? when we take legal action against these practices.”

That was last month. The homos — especially the homo reporters out there — were mostly silent. I was silent too — because I didn’t see this story reported by the “many homo reporters.”
Next came the Jews.
Have unsuspecting American techies helped create a monster who has now decided to bite the hands that fed him?
Support the boycott!
UPDATE: Malaysia is also threatening to cut off Singapore’s water supply.
The Malaysian government uses police state tactics, and grotesque human rights violations abound — including routine use of torture:

In Malaysia, there is no equality before the law; no right to a fair and public trial; no presumption of innocence; no right to peaceful assembly; no freedom of thought, conscience and religion; and no freedom of opinion and expression.

I would say that if this series of well-organized DOS attacks is found to originate from such a place — right after the country’s president’s public exortations against Jews — it begs the question of direct government involvement, if not sponsorship.
UPDATE: Here’s the Wiesenthal Center’s announcement of the Malaysia boycott.