Not much blogging today, as I am on the road. Staying at the amazing Opryland Hotel in Nashville! The place is a maze, rivers run through it, and all in all it is a very tasteful shrine to the music which built it — and I believe it is very pleasantly haunted to boot…. Really something to behold.
So where does this leave me?
I took an online test yesterday.
But it isn’t Friday so I can’t post the results yet.
Hey, I did find a real lively type rant tonight, though. This blogger claims homosexuality is utterly, intrinsically evil, yet cannot give a single logical reason in support of his position. (At least I didn’t find one; some ranting about diseases, “design” and the Bible, but nothing I can call logic.) Nothing particularly new, but if you like to get all pissed off at the anti-gay bigots, you might have fun with him. The guy does NOT want gay bloggers linking to him — so bear that in mind. Here’s his thesis:

It is impossible for a homosexual “couple” to love each other. Indeed, short of taking another’s life, engaging in homosexuality is one of the most hateful things a person can do.

(Thanks to the World Wide Rant, via Vodka Pundit.)
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