Well, shiver me toga!
Like a big wave, the pirate fad has come crashing through the Blogosphere, with many bloggers first donning and now doffing the Jolly Roger. Some of them, actually, sound like the real thing. Here’s a good sound byte from a promising young pirate, who’s already pillaged and looted his way to the top, as any good pirate should.
I should know, because I just took a test confirming that I am the real thing. Can’t call myself traditional, though, because the Classical traditions of this blog are not traditional in the conventional sense. Ah! But the goodie-two-shoes landlubbers have hijacked the word. I don’t think they like real tradition any more than they like pirates.
Here’s me results — and if ye don’t like ’em I’ll see yer insides!

a traditional pirate
You’re the TRADITIONAL PIRATE. Stealing gold,
backstabbing other pirates, being suspicious of
everyone you meet, running from the law…
you’re the real thing. People don’t like to
mess with you because you always manage to get
your way. Just watch out, those parrots can be
a little messy sometimes….

What Kind of Pirate are You?
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Don’t forget the Canadian pirates, either….
Ahoy me North Park maties!