Thanks to the brilliant (and clairvoyant) Don Watkins, I just discovered a new blogger — Tom’s Nap Room — who knocked my socks off by thoroughly fisking something I have hated for over 30 years: the dreadful, unspeakable, medieval, PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE:

I’ve about had it with the Pennsylvania Turnpike. More importantly, I hate the PA Turnpike Commission. In case you don’t know, the turnpike is a toll road. You pay 5.5 cents per mile to drive on it. This throwback to the early days of interstate travel is past it’s prime. The toll booths should be bulldozed, and the civil servant leaders at the commission should be sent to hold signs at PennDot.

Well, they’re lucky Tom’s at least letting them live; I’d be more inclined to let a stern Roman judge have at ’em. Hey, the Romans built roads to last; some are still in use today.
(Will the PA turnpike still be there in 2000 years?)
I have driven across the country more times than I can count, and I can bear witness that the worst part of the entire drive is the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Not only that, it’s the most expensive. How they get away with it, I don’t know; I was told years ago that the toll money goes into general revenue instead of highway maintenance, and while that wouldn’t surprise me, I don’t know for sure. The damned thing is a cattle chute in the western part of the state, and as if it isn’t hazardous enough dodging huge trucks which have no room to manuever, you have to watch out for the State Troopers, who run undercover operations with unmarked, sporty-looking, radar-equipped cars.
Dreadful, simply dreadful!
My congratulations to Tom for blogging about this national disgrace. If Ed Rendell really does want to offer the Democrats an alternative to Hillary Clinton in 2008, he’d better attend to his own backyard now.
Beware, Turnpike Commission, PENNDOT and all cursed bureaucrats who inflict unspeakable tortures on innocent travelers!
The blogosphere is hot on your tail!
NOTE: As is often the case, Blogspot will not let me to provide the full link to Tom’s Turnpike post, so you’ll just have to go to his home page and scroll down.