More test results! Thanks again to the Blogosphere’s great giver of tests, Ghost of a Flea, I found the identity of my Lost Souls character!
You are Christian.

Poppy Z. Brite Quiz – Which Lost Souls Character Are You?
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While I am woefully ignorant of Lost Souls, I am so flattered by these test results that I think I’ll just revel in my ignorance.
By the way, the Flea is now a blogfather! Be sure to stop by, and also check out the Flea’s blogson. It was just a little over four months ago that I also found a blogfather. It makes for a wonderful bond.
My congratulations!
UPDATE: Christian is apparently a vampire. As a form of life extension, that’s OK. I just don’t especially like the historical Dracula, who makes real vampires look sweet and innocent. You can read about him by clicking on the blood: