OK, I have finally been tested to determine which of the Greek Gods I am….
And the “winner” is:

?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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I have a comment. Athena is more than the goddess of education and knowledge; she is also the goddess of war. And I mean smart war, not dumb war. For more background, everyone should read this post, as well as the article it refers to. Instapundit does a bang-up job of sizing up the old gods, especially the distinction between the Ares and the Athena approaches to war.
PLEASE. My dear readers: do not make the mistake of thinking that the pagan gods are a lot of superstitious nonsense — for they are important philosophical concepts in addition to being, er, gods. Monotheists often miss the practical, very real applications of paganism, probably because they get so caught up in (maybe beaten down by) the faith aspects of religion. The gods supply important, timeless lessons — hence their immortality. Yet you really don’t have to believe they are literally there. Faith is not required; a daydreamer’s suspension of disbelief mixed with healthy cynicism is enough to keep the old gods flickering. (Even true believer monotheists might pause to ask themselves what would prevent an all-powerful deity from appearing anytime, anywhere, in whatever form he might choose….)
In my view, pagans and monotheists did not define “god” in the same way, and this led to endless misunderstandings.
Oh, speaking of war gods, I am glad to see some progress in the war front. This is a really good thing. It is also a good thing that Instapundit linked to it — AND especially that Frank J. called it “The Actual Most Important Post I’ve Written.”
IMPORTANT NOTE to those who read Instapundit’s paganalysis: The Greek Ares and the Roman Mars are NOT interchangeable. Mars was the Patron god of Rome as well as the Roman god of war, and far superior to Ares (for after all Mars defeated Ares when the Romans conquered Greece).
Mars also had the honor of having been utilized alongside Jesus Christ by Constantine the Great — not something you’ll hear about in most Christian churches.
Nor will you hear that gods (including the God of Genesis) can get smarter, and change, and improve over time.