Classical pacifism, an oxymoron

An admirer of Robert Fisk has made a favorable comparison between General Wesley Clark and the Roman Emperor Hadrian. I listened to Wesley Clark in Henniker, New Hampshire at the start of the weekend and heard between the lines the classic warning of a first-class warrior against the folly of limitless empire: “Beyond the Euphrates […]

Dung-eating dogs, REPENT!

Here I go, being hypersensitive again… Here’s a new weapon in the arsenal of insults: a man who believes himself a modern prophet (and who gives orders to Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Karl Marx, and even God) now thinks I am a “DUNG-EATING DOG!” According to the prophet, Jesus “failed,” but “we” will succeed if we […]

Honorable death?

I saw this story on Drudge, but then when I went back to give Drudge credit, the story had been pulled! I guess that means that now there are two stories: the Muslim honor killing, and its disappearance off the Drudge Report site. (I cannot read the mind of Matt Drudge, so I will not […]

Monopolizing the concept of truth

At the core of the debate between fundamentalists and non-fundamentalists is a problem over the definition of truth. I am not a moral relativist by any stretch, and I do believe in such a thing as absolute truth. There are such things as facts, things which either happened or did not, and much stuff which […]

Another blogger censored by copyright laws!

This story is a real outrage: Homes & Gardens of November 1938 showed off Hitler’s fashionable home. Homes & Gardens of 2003 would rather kill the story than apologize…. It is frankly sickening that Homes & Gardens should display concern for its copyrighted material rather than contrition for its endorsement of a monster. This is […]

Nuts, fools, and talking mules

I don’t know if my blogfather is being dissed or not, but here’s the situation. I just found out that Kim du Toit called Jeff a “fool” for nominating him to be Secretary of Defense. While du Toit then graciously offered to be head of the ATF (promising that “there’d be some changes” under his […]

More guns, less digestion!

Today must be Cool Picture Day — because I just found a great new blog with numerous color photographs like this one showing a wall of guns. (Thanks to the Flea.) Hey, anything that gives Charles Schumer indigestion is all right by me! I have a “gut feeling” that Senator Schumer would like the Maxim […]

Earthshaking tips

In case of earthquake, simply hold on and ride it out! From Solomonia (a never-ending source for techno-oriented fun and wit), I found this picture, taken in Santa Cruz, California. (Where else?) If viewing the picture makes you feel romantic, by all means go to this site, and read about the very cool god of […]

Democracy; it’s all Greek to me!

A blogger I have complained about before now claims to have identified “the real debate”: The real debate is between Christianity and all its values verses the secular atheist elites and their lack of same. Between their sliding scale morality, which means sodomy is OK as long as your partner is over eight years old […]


YES! AT LAST! PEACE? IN OUR TIME! (Click on these beautiful, fabulous, glamorous images to find out more!) (Breakthrough peace announcement courtesy of Being American in T.O. Thank you Debbye!) Has the Nobel Peace Prize Committee been notified? I cannot think of two more deserving Peace Prize candidates.


YES! AT LAST! PEACE? IN OUR TIME! (Click on these beautiful, fabulous, glamorous images to find out more!) (Breakthrough peace announcement courtesy of Being American in T.O. Thank you Debbye!) Has the Nobel Peace Prize Committee been notified? I cannot think of two more deserving Peace Prize candidates.

Pagan Christian?

More test results! Thanks again to the Blogosphere’s great giver of tests, Ghost of a Flea, I found the identity of my Lost Souls character! You are Christian. Poppy Z. Brite Quiz – Which Lost Souls Character Are You? brought to you by Quizilla While I am woefully ignorant of Lost Souls, I am so […]

Part Two: A three-way Fall….

NOTE: This is a continuation of my “Fall” series. You can read Part One here. As I wrote last night, Constantine the Great’s theological beliefs included the pagan god Mars along with the apparently monotheistic Jesus Christ. I say “apparently,” because there was quite a ruckus among the early Christians over the Trinity. It was […]

New, improved?

OK, I have finally been tested to determine which of the Greek Gods I am…. And the “winner” is: Athena ?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ?? brought to you by Quizilla (via suburban blight) I have a comment. Athena is more than the goddess of education and knowledge; she is also the […]

Not all heroes are human

There is one group of September 11 heroes who haven’t gotten the recognition they deserved — the valiant rescue dogs. If you haven’t done so already, please watch this video, “A Tribute to SAR Dogs.” I just watched it and was very, very, moved. Just go to this link, and click on the Tribute. (via […]

Time to open up

Here’s the mystery photo for the day. I can’t tell you what it is exactly, because that would spoil the mystery, wouldn’t it? Considering the dark, depressing nature of last night’s post, I thought I’d post something more optimistic, more cheerful. Something upbeat. For the Fall.

Before the Fall

It’s the last day of summer and so I am trying to catch up on unfinished business. The question of whether or not a blog can have unfinished business seems a bit ridiculous even to pose, because blogging is an ongoing, daily effort. To the extent that right now the unfinished business of this blog […]

This road is REALLY taking its toll!

Wow! Thanks to the brilliant (and clairvoyant) Don Watkins, I just discovered a new blogger — Tom’s Nap Room — who knocked my socks off by thoroughly fisking something I have hated for over 30 years: the dreadful, unspeakable, medieval, PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE: I’ve about had it with the Pennsylvania Turnpike. More importantly, I hate the […]

Traditional… Arrr! CLASSICAL Pirate Values!

Well, shiver me toga! Like a big wave, the pirate fad has come crashing through the Blogosphere, with many bloggers first donning and now doffing the Jolly Roger. Some of them, actually, sound like the real thing. Here’s a good sound byte from a promising young pirate, who’s already pillaged and looted his way to […]

Putting some teeth in the Blogosphere

My blogfather Jeff links to this fascinating story about giant rodents the size of a buffalo: A rodent the size of a buffalo? Researchers say they have found fossils for a 1,545-pound giant that thrived millions of years ago in a swampy South American forest. “Imagine a weird guinea pig, but huge, with a long […]