I am shocked and stunned.
Someone does not like the Classical Values Peace Plan?!
I have said before that I would try to answer all criticism, and much as it pains me, this is no exception.
Let me tell you, it is not easy to wake up in the morning to find yourself the victim of a right-wing smear campaign attempting to link you to Neville Chamberlain! The comparison is very unfair, and hurtful to my self-esteem. Neville Chamberlain’s situation was very complicated, and not easily stereotyped by means of such glib, mean-spirited one-liners. True, his plan may be called appeasement today, but it was never given a real chance to work because of a climate of jingoism and imperialism which clouded the minds of the time, poisoned the wells of human love and understanding, and made it impossible for human beings to open up to each other and begin the New Era of peace and understanding which I believe is upon us now — if only we would let it evolve!
The claim is often made that “appeasement never works.” Well, since I floated the Classical Values Peace Plan?, there has not been one shot fired in anger by IMAO. Frank J. has had time to find out about the peace plan, and he is obviously thinking it over carefully. Because in my heart I know that all men are good, and all men want to be good, I believe in Frank‘s ultimate goodwill. He would never knowingly start a war of aggression — certainly not if his point of view is thoroughly taken into account, his grievances carefully listened to, and his reasonable demands met. What Frank wants is not much different, after all, from what we all want. We all want hits, and we all want recognition, and we all tend to resent that the bigger and stronger tend to get their way in a world which often forgets the human dynamics of interpersonal interaction.
Frank must be terrified and perplexed by the numerous concerns, motivations and options before him. Given time, I am confident that he will do the right thing, and peace will prevail. The world must of course be made to understand and empathize with the enormity of the personal injustices Frank has suffered — doubtless more than his fair share of the usual thousand slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune!
Frank! We hear you! Frank! We care!
We know that you are a valid, sensitive, concerned human being, wanting desperately to make contact in a cruel and insensitive world!
Certainly, once Frank knows that others have put themselves in his position, and understood his concerns, I am confident he will vote for peace — especially when he learns that some of the finest minds in Norway are already dropping hints in Nobel Prize circles about “Frank J. — man of PEACE.”
Let’s continue to lock arms while we link for peace.
UPDATE: Just before I placed this entry into my blog’s new home (into which I still haven’t fully moved), I discovered that the peace-loving Glenn Reynolds has graciously offered IMAO the olive branch — and given us at Classical Values a new link idea: the word “who” may henceforth be linked to http://imao.us/.
How is that for generosity? Instant peace and understanding!