I really wish I didn’t have to read stuff like this, but there it was, staring me in the face. (Link thanks to Perverse Access Memory, via Invisible Adjunct, via Photon Courier — and all thanks to Instapundit.)
Wow! That was a lot of epistemology to accessorize. (Such concepts give me the screaming memes! Go find a meme and kill it now!)
But really, stuff like the above article always makes me remember why I started this blog: to oppose medieval efforts to instill guilt and shame where it does not belong. Look at this crap:

the leaders of the Texas GOP are no ordinary conservatives, or even ordinary social conservatives for that matter. They are theocrats, devoted to the idea that there is no proper distinction between God’s law and civil law.
They have become an embarrassment to the national Republican Party. It’s the Texas delegation, you may remember, that had its members bow their heads in prayerful protest while openly gay Rep. Jim Kolbe, R-Ariz., was permitted to speak — on the issue of free trade — at the 2000 Republican National Convention.
But the best evidence of Texas GOP leaders’ devotion to theocracy is their 22-page party platform, which is less a political document than a fundamentalist encyclical. It declares the United States “a Christian nation” founded “on the Holy Bible.”

And that’s jest a sample. If you’re alreddy lickin’ yer chops, read the whole thang!
I don’t mean to make fun of Texas, but hey, I saw Full Metal Jacket! That drill sergeant said that “Only steers and queers come from Texas.” (You can even stream the audio if you want proof.)